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The quest of Capricorn is the natural way
They’re blessed with rhythm and something to say
Each soul has a message uniquely it’s own
The message, it seems, needs time to be shown
Conformity, society, these are the threat
Whatever you do, don’t get too stuck or too set
You need to uproot your spirit, your past
Then the summit you’ll climb
You’ll be balanced at last.

“Capricorn’s quest is to use your love of intrigue and desire to know the secrets of the world to probe your own true nature and reach for nothing less than enlightenment.”

-Linda Joyce


1 Comment

  1. magnolia said,

    September 12, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Where are you now. I love the words, we need to uproot our spirits, our past.

    I believe the past can swallow our present and future if we do not face the pain and let go. This took a long time, it did not happen until I was ready.

    Everything has it’s own time.

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