The Mystery Of Faith

Each spring gardens across the country come to life with color and fragrance. From the stark cold of winter’s rest the longer, warmer days of spring bid the earth to awaken. The earth’s seasonal changes are mysterious and are a miracle beyond understanding to behold.

Likewise, God came to earth as a human, his birth announced by angels. He grew to be a man, a teacher, and a friend to all. He was crucified, died, placed into a tomb, and then arose resurrected into new life. This I believe. What God went through to reach us is a mystery to many. How can I explain my faith and my beliefs to others? How do I begin to convey what I feel deep in my heart?

The wind sets things into motion but I cannot see it. I can only see the effect it has on that which it touches. Though I can’t hold it in my hands, I can hold my hands out and feel it’s power. I cannot touch my Lord any more than I can hold the wind but I am a witness to how Jesus can change people and alter circumstances. The mystery of the Christian faith is great, but I don’t have to understand it to prove it. I don’t need to see it or be able to touch it because I already feel it and simply know it’s true.

-Anna Seden


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