Sacred Space

By fire and air, salt and sea
Cleanse this circle surrounding me
Make ready the space where divine resides
Protect it with peace on all sides
With truth and beauty, love and light
Bless my circle on this night

On hallowed earth I walk with the blade of will
In the presence of the Gods, chaos and still
Blue shining flame of beauty marks the sphere
None cross it but the sacred, reverent here
Into this circle none shall see
But those who bear the key to mystery

By the air that is her blessed breath
By the fire of her enduring spirit
By the waters of her teeming womb
And by the earth that is her fertile body
By all that is above and all that is below
Bless my circle with perfect love and trust and peace

Sacred, holy powers that be
Ride the winds to be here with me
Bring laughter, joy, love, and peace
Guard my circle from the east

Protect me with your eternal fire
Wrap me in it’s warm desire
May passion and spirit persevere
Help me live without fear

Peaceful tide that ebbs and flows
Bearing secrets no one knows
Holy waters of the west
Bless my circle with peace and rest

Fertile forests green and true
Majesty of the north
Where mountains meet the sky so blue
Lift me closer to you

Bless me with your light and love
Bless me with the stars above
Make my heart strong and true
All the better to serve you

-Capricorn’s Quest, second verse by T. Thorn Coyle


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