Blessed Lady

Blessed lady you are everywhere but I honor you here
You have no one true form so I honor you in many forms
You need no praise but I offer my prayers to you
And ask that you aid me on this journey

Blessed be my feet that lead me on this path
Blessed be my knees which support me before the divine
Blessed be my belly which gives me inner strength
Blessed by my breast which holds my heart true to you
Blessed be my lips which speak your sacred names
Blessed be my eyes that see the beauty in all that is around me
Blessed be my mind which seeks your divine wisdom

Bless me lady for I am your child
We are of the earth, the sky, the sun and the sea
I am of you and you are of me
Blessings to you are given and I ask to receive all your blessings in this lifetime
May the peace and love of the Goddess be always in our hearts


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